AGE: Mid 20’s

HEIGHT: 5’10 / 1.77

SIZE: 38 EU / 10 UK


LANGUAGE: English, German, French

DRINKS: Riesling, Gin&Tonic


EYES: Green

HAIR: Chocolate Brown

CUISINE: Italian, Japanese

HOBBIES: Fitness, Burlesque, Theatre

SMOKER: Non-Smoker





At first glance, you will be mesmerized by an alluring young woman in her mid 20s with unique looks and enchanting sweetness. My silky skin, chocolate hair, deep green eyes, long legs and curvy body are yours to explore. However, I received even more compliments for my personality – because I am, well, kind of different.

I have this gift of merging with my environment in a very short time and still being pleasantly present. Mysterious, contradictory. With my numerous facets it is easy for me to build up an intensive connection to my counterpart and to surprise him each time anew. I remember the little things, the inconspicuous and yet important ones, because I appreciate attention to Detail. I do not fit into any stereotype as I move light-footedly between the worlds. My interests reach to the moon and back, which will entertain you better than any movie. I love having fun, and am often told my enthusiasm for life is intoxicating.

Break The Ice

I dance wildly and sing strangely! Seriously, I love to let myself loose and jump around my apartment to good music. This not only puts me in a good mood but also keeps me fit as I took dance classes for years.

I definitely left my heart in Paris. I fall in love anew with the small alleys of the Quartier Latin, the fantastically delicious patisserie and the beautiful evening walks along the Seine every time I visit this amazing city. 

Everything is fine when you have cheese and wine! I love to learn about how to pair wines, identify the origin of a wine, and throw a killer cheese and wine soirée! I could spend hours at the food halls of Harrods or a local market, putting together my ingredients for the perfect charcuterie board and go home with a smile as if I had won the lottery. 

I love it when a man smells good and wears a matching scent, pairing it with a tailored shirt or suit. I also enjoy kisses on my neck or shoulders when the person stands behind me. Actually nothing special, but sometimes it’s all about the little things. 

Spending time with family and friends makes me really happy, as I am quite a social person. Whenever I find time, I try to travel and discover new places, new dishes, new cultures and make memories for a lifetime. I love the thrill of a new adventure like an exciting city trip to Marrakesh, a hike in the Swiss mountains or a night out in Tulum. 

Well, my friends often jokingly call me a chameleon, as I have many interests and therefore various character traits. But presenting all my facets virtually is quite difficult, so you better get to know me in person (with all my secrets). 

GFE Escort London

As a full-time student, I provide companionship on a part-time basis, but thanks to my relatively flexible curriculum I have enough time to devote my full attention to you.

My wardrobe is extensive, from girl next door to elegant and sexy, but on public dates I prefer to wear classy pieces. As I have often been complimented on the chic and sophisticated sense of style I possess, you won’t have to worry. I am also open to your personal requests to satisfy your eyes.

Gifts are never expected but always a delightful surprise that will certainly put a smile on my face. So, thanks in advance for making me blush! Here’s a little glimpse of what I like.

Yes, I have a few amazing girlfriends with whom I spend a lot of time. They are sweet and genuine and a whole lot of fun. If you are interested in them tagging along with one of our dates, please look at my friends here.

FLY ME TO YOU is what I will gladly do upon your invitation to join you for the weekend, on your business trip or vacation. As safety is key, screening is required for those arrangements. All provided information for screening (references, booking receipts, memberships) will remain strictly confidential. I would never jeopardize my business or by releasing any information about our encounter.