Since moving to London, my life has been spoiled with endless choices to satisfy my ever-curious palate. I’ve become a connoisseur of its lively spots, from cozy bars to restaurants bursting with global tastes, and each place is a testament to London’s unique charm and vibrant energy. For me, the best dates start with a warm, intimate dinner that sets the stage for deep conversation, or a fun, slightly mischievous adventure. It’s all about making the most of the night and the city’s endless possibilities and see where the evening takes us!


Streaker’s – A culinary delight  where every dish tells a story. This restaurant is a true paradise for food lovers, offering a menu that skillfully blends traditional flavors with modern twists and is quite famous for it’s butter (really!)

Bob Bob Ricard – Renowned for its “Press for Champagne” service, this restaurant is a splendid blend of British and Russian cuisine. Its lavish Art Deco ambiance offers a truly fun and opulent dining experience.

Noble Rot This restaurant is a favorite among both wine connoisseurs and food enthusiasts. Its exceptional wine list and seasonally inspired British cuisine are perfectly paired with an intimate, vintage-inspired setting. 

Hide – A culinary retreat known for its striking, nature-inspired interiors and panoramic views of Green Park. Hide offers a very unique dining experience with its inventive, seasonal dishes crafted from the finest British produce.

The Cheese Barge – A haven for cheese lovers, offering a mouth-watering array of British cheese-based dishes. It’s the perfect spot for gooey grilled cheese sandwiches and rich, cheese-laden charcuterie boards.. on a barge!

Berenjak (Borough) – Known for its traditional kebabs and homemade breads cooked in a tanoor, the restaurant offers authentic Persian flavors, set in a cozy, rustic environment. A must-visit for those seeking a flavorful dining experience.

Roji – A serene oasis in London, offering an exclusive Omakase dining experience where the chef skillfully curates a series of dishes. Its minimalist decor and emphasis on fresh ingredients provide a tranquil and cosy ambiance.

Scott’s – This iconic seafood restaurant is known for its oyster and champagne bar, and the finest seafood in town! The heritage makes it a great destination for its culinary excellence and rich British history.

Fischer’s – A charming restaurant that exudes the  elegance of the early 20th-century bygone era in Vienna. Specializing in classic Austrian cuisine, it offers a hearty menu featuring favorites like schnitzels, strudels, and sausages.

Fallow – This restaurant stands out as contemporary British, championing sustainability and culinary innovation. Its unique menu has a nose-to-tail and root-to-leaf philosophy, emphasizing minimal waste with maximum flavor.

Park Chnois – This venue exudes a 1930s Shanghai ambience, complete with live entertainment. It’s renowned for its dim sum and Peking duck; and a menu that marries authentic Chinese flavors with a flair of sophistication.

Coya – This restaurant blends Peruvian cuisine with modern flair, known for its inventive ceviches and delicious grilled meats. And its vibrant décor (tries) to embody the lively spirit of Latin American culture.


Nightjar – A secret slice of London’s nightlife tucked away, where each cocktail tells its own story. Modern mixology meets the mystique of the roaring twenties, and an eclectic ambiance filled with soulful jazz rhythms.

Connaught Bar – Step into this Art Deco-inspired haven, where each cocktail is a masterpiece, crafted with precision by world-class mixologists. This isn’t just a place to drink; it’s a symphony of luxury and creativity, elevating cocktail crafting to an art form.

The Alchemist – This bar is where the science of mixology meets the art of storytelling, creating drinks that bubble, smoke, and change colour right before your eyes. Each drink is not just a sip but a fascinating story in a glass.

Ronnie Scott’s – This is not just a bar; it’s a legendary jazz club for those who seek the stirring rhythms of jazz, served up with a side of classic cocktails and an unforgettable London vibe. 

Dukes Bar – Famous for its legendary drinks and a historic atmosphere, this bar has been a favorite especially for their well-known James Bond Martinis. It’s a timeless London institution where classic meets contemporary.

Iceberg Lounge – This unique bar immerses you in the world of Batman, complete with a secret book door that leads to its mysterious depths. An escapade into Gotham City, offering an experience that’s as secretive as the Dark Knight himself.

Flight Club – This modern darts bar is not just about aiming for the bullseye! It blends the cozy charm of a traditional British pub with the vibrant energy of a fairground.. ideal for sparking a bit of friendly competition!

Velvet – Each cocktail in this bar is a performance, with Italian mixology legend Calabrese declaring “Drinks should be dangerous“. True to its name, it dazzles with a lavish selection of drinks and an opulent rich interior.

Gordon’s Wine Bar – London’s oldest wine bar established in 1890, is a journey back in time with its dimly lit, cellar-like ambiance and historic charm. Each glass is an invitation to relive the past, as you sip among old wooden casks and candlelit tables.

Holy Bar – Hidden within an Urban Retreat, this candlelit speakeasy is where cocktails are chosen through tarot cards, each with its own theatrical presentation. Do you dare to select your destiny from the Devil, Magician, or the Lovers?

Eve Bar – Step down into this intimate, dimly-lit space, where each cocktail is a delicious creation of modern flavours. It’s a place where night owls gather, seeking the thrill of innovative drinks and the captivating atmosphere of a secret urban hideaway.


Burlesque Show – If you’re seeking a night with a twist, the Gin House Burlesque or Proud Cabaret is a must-visit. It’s a place where vintage charm meets a lively, slightly cheeky burlesque atmosphere, perfect for a unique date experience. It’s one of those gems in London that blends fun and a bit of risqué flair, making every visit memorable.

AIRE Ancient Baths – Nestled in the city, this spa is a haven of tranquility, offering a delightful escape with its thermal baths. Perfect for unwinding and enjoying some quality time together.

Stringfellows – This famed strip club blends luxury with risqué entertainment, offering a unique pick for a playful atmosphere. It’s perfect for a night out that’s all about ‘less is more’ and a hint of cheeky fun.

Cabaret – If you’re up for a night that’s a bit out of the ordinary, the Kit Kat Club is where cabaret meets contemporary theatre. A ‘musical’ ideal for anyone seeking a blend of drama, glamour, and a touch of the unexpected.

Frameless – A fascinating new addition to London’s vibrant  scene, where famous artworks come to life in a captivating, interactive space – perfect for those who appreciate a blend of classical art with a modern twist.

Puttshack – This immersive venue is a fun blend of high-tech mini-golf and a vibrant bar, perfect for a lively night out. (And the only place where you get to putter around and still call it a ‘hole’ lot of fun!)

Electric Cinema – This vintage style cinema is a true gem among London’s entertainment spots. With its plush armchairs, footstools, and even beds, it elevates a simple movie night to an indulgent treat. 

The Murdér Express – An immersive experience where a captivating murder mystery unfolds around you as you enjoy a sumptuous meal. Perfect for those who love a side of intrigue with their cuisine.



DayUse – This concept offers renting rooms for just a few hours and caters to those desiring privacy and luxury without the commitment of a full night’s booking – perfect for spontaneous or brief romantic encounters. 

Shangri-La Hotel – Located in The Shard, this hotel sets an impressive scene with the best panoramic views of London. The combination of exquisite dining and a sophisticated bar makes Gong on the top floor an ideal spot for a special evening.

Chateau Denmark – Set in the legendary Denmark Street, this hotel offers a sultry fusion of London’s rock ‘n’ roll past with modern luxury. Each room is designed for sinning, and for those seeking a stay steeped in history and sensuality.

L’oscar – An exquisite boutique hotel, where opulence meets a touch of theatrical flair. Each space is a masterpiece of design, from the lavish rooms to the ornate, baroque-inspired interiors, offering a stay that’s as luxurious as it is visually stunning.

The Mandrake – This hotel is a cool, contemporary retreat known for its bold design and artistic vibe. Standout features include a suite boasting an oversized bathtub, perfect for a luxurious soak.

Bermondsey Square Hotel – Chic and contemporary, with a famous outdoor hot tub suite, this hotel offers a trendy urban retreat. Its sleek design and relaxed ambiance make it the perfect choice for a comfortable and stylish city stay.

Batty Langley’s – This boutique gem transports guests to a bygone era, offering a unique experience that seamlessly blends history and modern comfort. With its intimate atmosphere and exquisite attention to detail, it’s perfect for those seeking a glimpse into the city’s rich heritage.

The NoMad Hotel – In this hotel, contemporary luxury meets whimsical design. This trendy urban haven offers chic accommodations, including the Suite Royale with its own private hot tub for a touch of romance.