Social Dates


Every now and then we need to spoil ourselves with a luxury treat, something that clears our mind and sets our focus back on track. Be it with a delicious dinner with your favourite comfort food, a few top seats in the stadium or a relaxing Thai massage. But some things are simply much more fun with the right woman on your arm. Let’s steal a whole day together and forget the hustle and bustle of city life. I have a few quite innocent ideas – but I can’t guarantee to keep my hands off you completely…

Social Dates

What dating needs, is a makeover. And what better way to do so than to lock yourself in an escape room with a companion? This will definitely increase the thrill by participating in this exciting, adrenaline-pumping activity. You and I will assemble in a themed room and will have one hour to find hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles to escape the room. So let’s get out of the traditional date mindset, and try something new this time.


It is a pleasure to enjoy a good wine all by yourself. But the wine is even more stimulating when shared with an enchanting companion. Did you know that to date, researchers have discovered over 1,000 different aromas in wine? Let’s explore the tingling on our tongue, the excitement of our taste buds and the slight dizziness on a sunny afternoon (Yes, I’m still talking about the wine, silly!)


Movie dates are an evergreen teen date idea, but still one of my favourites. The dimmed lights provide an intimate atmosphere to shift my body closer to yours, accidentally touch hands in our big tub of popcorn or soft whispers into your ear.  This leaves room for you to get excited. Will it be good? Are we going to hold hands? Let’s take a walk around town afterwards and discuss why Tom Cruise has the same facial cuts in every goddamn movie?


The dining hall doors fly open; Lord John staggers in. Guests have barely a moment to put down their drinks before he lies dead on the floor. That foul play was responsible is in no doubt. This is a job for Holmes… Sherlock Holmes. With his help we must deduce at one of those famous Murder Mystery Dinner Parties not just the Who, but also the How and perhaps most chillingly of all, the Why he was murdered?

Girlfriend Sexperience


As I believe in self-indulgence, every escapade with me will remain an unforgettable adventure – a luxurious girlfriend experience for the mind, body & soul! Allow my flirtatious sensuality as a companion seduce you and take you on a journey into the unknown, enjoying all the delicious certainties a woman of my means has to offer. You’ll find the wild side that lives for the moment and loves the thrill of the tease. If quality connection is something you prioritise in life, then you have found the ideal companion for you.

Independent Escort London


Nothing beats homemade pasta or a fresh chocolate lava cake fresh out of the oven. With the right instructions, anyone can cook. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about. And I promise: with my trick you will never have to cry again when cutting onions – deal?  An Airbnb with a spacious kitchen is certainly helpful for this experience.


If you’re like most working adults, a day at the spa with someone you fancy is fabulous but hard to come by. We lead busy lives most of the time, likely not giving enough time to rest, relax and rejuvenate. And if you just nodded and agreed, then you need it even more! Many hotels also offer a private spa for a few hours. Enough time to heat up the sauna properly or enjoy a body to body massage. 


Dinner and a movie? Been there, done that. But we like it opulent, lavish and just that little bit naughty. Expect glitz, glamour and glitter from performers dropping on your lap. If you’re looking to titillate your kinky side you’ve come to the right place. From a raunchy traditional cabaret show to edgy contemporary burlesque and drag queens – this will definitely be a night to remember!


This date will not be high stakes – but it definitely will be high class. The motto for the evening is dress to impress – so let’s begin with a hearty dinner in a tux. Afterwards we can try our luck at gambling, then finish off with a fun strip poker game for the bedroom. Maybe we won’t win a million bucks, but I promise you to be your lucky million dollar baby all night. 

Authentic Kink


Are you dreaming of something more expansive than your usual, monotonous tryst? Embracing a style of sensual domination, I have a darker side and am an experienced switch. Whether yearning for submission or taking on a strict lead – I always cherish one thing: genuine, natural inclinations as the driving factor of our sexual adventures while respecting our physical and emotional limits. Perhaps it’s the impact of objects upon sensitive, scrumptious skin, or a role play that you alway fantasized of. Whichever your kink, consider this your invitation to begin a new sensual chapter of your story.


You’ve been dreaming of an unique gathering that allows you to set your imagination free, but haven’t found the perfect event yet? Let me take the lead and plan an evening at a discreet, luxurious location with beautiful models and decadent treats.  Since this is a very personal and customizable service, we should have dated each other before we dive into the world of infinite pleasure. 


A trip to the strip club can become an exciting night out with fun people, hot girls giving us twin lap dances, and learning a ton of new tricks to be tried in the bedroom afterward. By the end of the night, we will laugh from an exciting night and horny from the sexy ambience. Strip clubs may have a bad reputation, but they’re quite often frequented by women as a lot of these clubs are very high-end locations nowadays. 


Shortly before his death, Stanley Kubrick left behind a fascinating, dreamlike game about delusion, reality and morality. Did he already knew back then that his idea might become reality? Numerous parties and masked balls in fairy-tale castles and naked draped waiters were born from this idea. I have been exploring this fantasy a lot. So, are you ready to sweeten our togetherness with an unforgettable night full of highlights?


Calling all voyeurists (me included): Why not just go shopping for something sexy together? Going shopping is not always boring – if you choose the right location! This might be a semi-scandalous nightie at Agent Provocateur, testing some of the forbidden fruits at Coco de Mer, ask Katie what she did at What Katie Did or explore some hidden playground full of toys in the Soho district. This appetizer calls for desert right away!