Two is company, but three (or four) is a party!

Welcome to the dazzling world of duo dates, where the fun doubles and the memories triple! While embracing my bisexuality, I’ve discovered the unique enchantment that comes from connecting with women – it’s like finding the secret ingredient in an already spectacular recipe. And while Khloé’s bar is stocked with delightful friends and an eagerness for new encounters, I also find the perfect blend in the vibrant members of the KLE. Whether you’re a duo-date newbie or a seasoned connoisseur, I promise it’s going to be a fiesta! 


Hazel is pertly effervescent with a clam confidence, and is the perfect London-based partner for intimate liaisons. Whether connecting over a meal, between some sheets, or in a dungeon while you’re on your knees, your enchantment is guaranteed. 


The height of modern pre-raphaelite looks: thick, long golden-brown hair, smooth skin with a natural blush and expressive hazel eyes. My warmth, intelligence and wit are sure to set you at ease even if I’m the only one laughing at my jokes…


Kryptonite in human form, Kitty is a delightfully playful muse who will surely keep you on your toes.


Audrey Astor, an Oxbridge graduate, enchants with her delightful blend of innocence and tease. Radiating warmth, vivacity, and intellect, she listens to the unspoken and crafts an intoxicating experience filled with eloquence, passion, and playful intrigue.


Isla’s idea of indulgence is much more than couture or culinary hedonism, however; the height of luxury, for her, is indulging in simple yet transcendent pleasures – with yourself, perhaps?


Kathryn –  London Independent Escort and elite travel companion – in a world which allows me to indulge my head and my heart, body and soul. Society loves to tell us we can’t have both, but I never bought that. I bought silk lingerie instead, and committed to a life of endless adventure.


Sophisticated, charming, graceful: Maja is a once in a lifetime type of woman, a force of nature you won’t be able to forget. Her blue eyes will captivate you from the second you meet, while her smile will warm up your heart like sunshine on a spring day. 


Jasmine is your genuine and affectionate GFE companion, dedicated to providing authentic warmth and intimacy that mirrors a real romantic relationship. With her, you’ll enjoy heartfelt connections, cuddles, and memorable moments.


With her alluring presence, Morgan provides an unforgettable sensual and pleasurable experience. Professional by day, this companion loves nothing more than to  help you unwind over dinner before unleashing her inner minx. The perfect GFE.


Shona River is a luxury companion and a well-known Hungarian adult actress. She is driven by her passion for discovering the secrets of love-making, travel, and people, making her the perfect company for any occasion.


Letizia is a refreshing mix of Mediterranean charm, femininity, and a witty conversationalist. She uses her excess of creative energy for her intellectual goals, for creative matters and for flaming liaisons with successful individuals in search of a visceral retreat.