As an independent escort based in London, I occasionally travel to Berlin. However, if I’ve sparked your curiosity and you’re keen to meet, I am happy to travel to you for overnight dates, with my travel costs covered. Let’s chat and plot a rendezvous that’s nothing short of extraordinary! For the rest: enjoy this city guide for the best spots in the city.


Grill Royal – Situated by the river, this restaurant offers a very meaty affair! Their extensive steak and seafood menu, sourced both locally and internationally, is a testament to high quality dining. And the ambiance delivers with its edgy art a perfect, lavish night out!

MANI – Mani transports diners to Tel Aviv with its inventive Israeli cuisine. The menu features creatively reimagined traditional dishes meant for sharing, fusing oriental flavors with occidental spices – a pioneering establishment in Berlin’s Levantine scene.

Papillon – Providing an intimate Dinner & Dance experience with alluring glamour of the ’70s, you should come here for relishing good modern cuisine with lots of champagne. And the best: the restaurant transforms into a grand party the moment the kitchen shuts..

Golden Phoenix – A delightful fusion where Chef Duc Ngo crafts French-Chinese dishes that tantalize the taste buds. The restaurant has a memorable wine list, upscale Chinese dishes, and a fun vibrant crowd. And the adjacent bar offers the perfect spot for a drink after.

893 Ryōtei – Hidden behind a graffiti-sprayed facade, the restaurant is a delightful surprise. Once inside, you’ll find a trendy black interior and an open kitchen as the center stage, with an array of delicious Japanese dishes, infused with influences from Asia and South America.

Lovis – Once a women’s prison, the impressive architecture features high ceilings and exposed brick walls, set amidst a 19th-century courtyard filled with wildflowers. And the food? Delicious seasonal and regional produce, with great German dishes, reinvented!


Bellboy Bar – The bar is known for its unconventional drink presentations, using quirky containers like faces, ball gowns, and dental-inspired vessels. Each drink is a work of art, and is not just a beverage but a complete story with unique presentation.

Provocateur Bar – Experience a captivating ambiance reminiscent of Berlin’s Golden 20s. The opulent setting features plush velvet furnishings, dim lighting, and cocktails with surprising ingredients like artichoke, cactus fig, and aloe vera, promising an unforgettable night out.

Ora – A bar (and restaurant) that exudes antique glamour with its restored wooden cabinetry and vintage medicine bottles. Step into a vibrant setting and savor elegant drinks that perfectly captures the antique apothecary vibe. 

Freundschaft –  Located near Unter den Linden, this cozy wine bar exudes a homely atmosphere. A heaven for wine enthusiasts, particularly those with a taste for Austrian and French wines produced using sustainable methods.  

Le Jardin – This bar has become a literal garden: indoor farms have been set up under LED lights, cultivating microgreens and herbs like lime basil, Amaretto herb, mint, nasturtium, and lavender. These ingredients are used to infuse flavors into the aromatic cocktails.

Prinzipal – Tucked away behind an inconspicuous apartment door, this bar offers a decadent escape with vintage furniture, soft lighting, and burlesque performances with 1920s glamour. Come here for an intimate, speakeasy-like atmosphere in Berlin.


Burlesque Show – Explore the enchanting world of Kleine Nachtrevue, an event that promises a one-of-a-kind experience. This captivating show, likely in a cabaret or burlesque style, offers a fusion of entertainment, music, and artistic performances. 

Bohéme Sauvage – Step back in time to the roaring Berlins 1920sThis event series invites to immerse yourself in the elegance and vivacity of the era with extravagant stage performances, lively musical entertainment, or spirited conversations at the absinthe bar.

Variéte – Berlin’s Wintergarten, where top-notch acrobats, artists, and musicians create a dazzling variety show, offers an immersive experience to enjoy a delightful 3-course meal while watching the performance, or other options like a Murder Mystery Dinner.  

Stand-Up Comedy – Berlin’s comedy scene is alive and kicking, offering a diverse range of stand-up comedy performances. Berlin offers a variety of English-language comedy at venues across the city, too, welcoming visitors and comedians from around the globe.

Golden Dolls – Known for its lively atmosphere and great entertainment, this strip club offers a unique blend of excitement and glamour. With a sophisticated setting it’s an ideal choice for people seeking a slightly unconventional and thrilling date experience..

Vabali Spa – This Balinese style spa offers an ideal retreat that indulges in the typical german nude culture. Couples can enjoy a range of relaxing treatments and saunas in a luxurious, tranquil and intimate atmosphere.

Private Spa Suite – The private spa suite provides a secluded setting for a hot, steamy date, including amenities like a sauna, steam bath, and relaxation area. This private sanctuary offers the perfect blend of relaxation and intimacy, ideal to spend quality time together.

Theater des Westens – Located in the heart of Berlin, the theatre is a historic with an elegant ambiance and a legacy of hosting world-famous artists like Marlene Dietrich. And I am a definitely a sucker for a good play, not only in the bedroom..


DayUse – This concept offers renting rooms for just a few hours and caters to those desiring privacy and luxury without the commitment of a full night’s booking – perfect for spontaneous or brief romantic encounters. 

Provocateur – This hotel is a unique destination for those seeking a frisky date. It has a captivating blend of Parisian flair and Berlin’s modern vibe, while the décor reminds of the glamour of the 1920s.

25 Hours – Nestled in the heart of the city, this hotel stands out for its creatively themed rooms. A highlight is the famous Monkey Bar on the top floor, where you can indulge in exotic cocktails while watching the monkeys in the Zoo. 

Hotel Zoo – This iconic hotel, once the darling of the Berlin film festival, combines luxury with vintage glamour. It has stylish rooms and an intimate ambiance, coupled with its prime location on the fashionable Kurfürstendamm.

Telegraphenamt – This hotel, housed in a beautifully restored former telegraph office, boasts a unique architectural charm that marries the grandeur of the past with contemporary design. 

Sir Savigny – With its cozy, well-appointed rooms and an inviting atmosphere, this boutique hotel offers a unique and luxurious experience for travelers seeking a blend of comfort, culture, and contemporary Berlin flair.

The Hoxton – Known for its stylish interiors and lively social spaces, the hotel embodies the creative and dynamic spirit of Berlin. With its comfortable rooms, it’s a trendy and vibrant hub, nestled in the lively heart of the city.

Schlosshotel Patrick Hellmann – Nestled in the prestigious Grunewald district, this hotel is set in a stunning mansion that exudes a sense of timeless sophistication. With its beautifully landscaped gardens, opulent rooms, and impeccable service, it’s the perfect retreat for those seeking a tranquil and lavish experience in one of Berlin’s most exclusive neighborhoods.