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Hello there! I am Khloé Karl, London’s unapologetically seductive femme fatale. Or how some would say: a classic tale of a good girl gone very bad! With eyes like emerald fires — mischievous yet bewitching — I embody the unexpected fusion of sensuality and wit. Whether you see me as a slinky siren or the most intriguing geek, one thing is certain: you are already wondering from which perspective you’ll be looking at those not-so-innocent eyes that night!

My weapons for our mission will be simple: a toned curvy silhouette, silky brown hair, and a perky décolleté that will surely drive you out of your mind. But there is more than just the beautiful and the feminine: my mind is like the dry gin in your glass — crystal clear, but very intoxicating! I am well-educated, a great conversationalist, and known for my charismatic laid-back personality. 

And you – you are looking for the very special je ne sais quoi. You’re here because you’re searching for a woman who knows who she is and gets what she wants, all while embracing her intuitive sensuality and divine femininity. You want a woman who knows the power of unapologetic seduction — someone who, after far too long, will make you weak in the knees again..


Independent Escort London
Do you remember that exciting feeling you had when you were fooling around with a crush in your early teenage years? Your palms got sweaty, your stomach and heart made an exciting flip, and the words you uttered made no sense. In class, all you could think about was her fragrant hair, her mischievous smile, and her perfect curves. Your thoughts became daydreams, your infatuation became lust and every touch filled you with a never-ending feeling of happiness.

And now imagine that you could experience the feeling of perfect fulfillment and quench this insatiable thirst for enjoyment once again. And again. And again. Like a never-ending roller coaster of dopamine and bliss. You’re a big boy now, so the playdates have changed – fortunately.

This is what I hope we will experience when meeting each other – this authentic and genuine electrifying feeling. Getting sweaty hands, blushed cheeks, and feel our hearts racing before meeting each other. Feel that addictive desire with every touch of our lips. Go crazy, drive minds, fill daydreams – become your favourite guilty pleasure.

I've been around the world and I've never seen a girl like her..


I do very bad things and I do them very well. You wouldn’t want to miss that London independent escort experience, don’t you?


Please note: I am offering outcalls to your location only. To schedule a date, fill out the booking form below. While making a request in advance is always preferred, I can sometimes meet on short notice.


We agreed on a Date? Fabulous! Please provide screening information or deposit for the booking. For further information, please visit the donation page. I have a very strong belief in a mutual need for discretion and will never share your personal information with a third party.


Everything settled? No questions left? Perfect! Lay back and enjoy the anticipation and the tingling in the fingertips until we meet. Not enough? Follow me on Twitter @KhloeKarl or Instagram @mskhloekarl for some personal insights.

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?